can't go a month without a mirror shot :-) part of a vanity project.

i have real photos for next week.


Ms. May said...

Love your reponses to Yetty's profile q's! We're trying to figure out why you're still single? LOL. Well.....now, when I think about it, i guess "busy" answers the question. Did you see my email?

Wale said...

haha...i'm actually dating someone. she fits perfectly into my 'busy' schedule ;-) will email you.

i got your email. i love the idea...wanted to discuss it with my managing editor first. will holla this weekend.

Icy said...

hahah nice shot wallzzy.. so after all ur shakara for me.. you gave in.. Well thanks.. it's certainly appreciated :)

digging this shot!

Ms. May said...

Hmmmmm....na who be she? LOL.

So I'm really excited because you siad you "love" the idea...not just "like". LOL. I hope your managing editor at least "likes" it. LOL.

I really would love to work with your magazine so even if it this doesn't happen, maybe I can do smthg else (even if it's just proof-reading...LOL). Maybe we can talk on the phone sometime soon.

Ms. May said...

P.S: How ironic that I suggested proof-reading and didn't proof my lil message....LMAO.