African hip hop star, Tuface Idibia

Tuface Idibia, originally uploaded by phinephotos.

This was taken this summer after a concert in Baltimore.

Apprently, he has a third child on the way from a young lady in Chicago. He denies it though. The attention the girl is getting?? She's even throwing a party in Atlanta for "your support."

Google it, you'll find the article somewhere. *SMH*


Ms. May said...

Are you kidding me?!!!!! This dude....my fam Pero just had his kid a few months ago. Hmmmmm....let me reserve my comments!

WalePhotos said...

...according to the discussion going on on ariztos' forum, i heard it's a false rumor.

i mean the story came from city people. someone knows the girl.

Ms. May said...

Yeah...I looked it up and saw that many are saying it's false. But there are pics of the girl and him on hi5. The fact of the matter is whether or not the rumors are true, this man has a problem with keeping it in his pants. For me, it raises a bigger question of safe sex, especially in this day and age, and having kids willy nilly all over the place. Of course, the women involved also need to take responsibility but he knows that he is in the public eye and as a result he should be more careful. Whether he likes it or not, he is a role model and right now he is definitely not the poster boy for safe sex, which is what our young people need to be hearing about as opposed to him being seen as a cool lothario.

I'm venting on your page. Ma binu...LOL

WalePhotos said...

yeah...he took pictures with A LOT of people while he was on tour. girls/women were literally throwing themselves at him. the dude is only human now...lol.

naw...i hear you. hopefully we don't hear any such thing again.

Through these eyes said...

Yeah, there are pictures of him and the girl on hi5 and so are there pictures of him and myself on myspace. Doesn't mean i fucked him.